SYSTRAN is far along the NMT path, and miles ahead in terms of actually having something to show and sell, relative to any other MT vendor. | eMpTy Pages
Have Multilingual Customers? Here’s a Solution for You (Interview With Ken Behan) | The Huffington Post
SYSTRAN Software Sponsors World Trade Center San Diego’s Go Global Initiative and MetroConnect Prize – Business Wire
SYSTRAN lance une nouvelle offre pour les PME-PMI internationales | Air & Cosmos – Arnaud Dufournet, Directeur Marketing SYSTRAN
SYSTRAN : « Nous simplifions la communication multilingue » – Traduction et interprétariat – Le futur leur appartient |
Quand la traduction en ligne met en danger les banques | Journal du Net – Arnaud Dufournet, Directeur Marketing SYSTRAN
Pourquoi la traduction en ligne met elle en péril la sécurité des informations ? | – Arnaud Dufournet, Directeur Marketing SYSTRAN
De la guerre froide à la Corée, l’incroyable épopée de SYSTRAN | 01Business, Xavier Biseul
SYSTRAN traduit désormais 130 paires de langue | 01Business, Xavier Biseul
SYSTRAN étoffe les possibilités de son logiciel de traduction au service des entreprises |
SYSTRAN traduit désormais 130 combinaisons linguistiques |, Bruno Texier
SYSTRAN, those French who help NSA translate the world | Le, Jean Guisnel
SYSTRAN would not exist without the US Intelligence Community | Le, Jean Guisnel
Jean Senellart discusses how SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 7 delivers highly consistent quality translations that meet corporate customer requirements | BeyeNETWORK

Interview: listen to or download the MP3 file
Language Translation Server Targeted At Enterprise | Information Week
SYSTRAN Intros SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 7 | TMC
The Benefits of Maturity: SYSTRAN prioritizes source content engineering and knowing your customers (The LISA Newsletter: Globalization Insider. Number 3.1)
Tongues of the Web | The Economist
SYSTRAN and the Reinvention of MT (IDC Bulletin #26459)
Global eBusiness lost in translation | CFO Magazine
The electric interpreter | Guardian Newspaper Online

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